Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Term one arts

We learnt the purpose of beat and to keep the pulse in the class. We had a little help by an expert in beat named Jono. He tort us the meaning of beat and we made ‘Our Day’ performance. 

Then we learnt about ‘Pumanawatanga’ and to keep the beat at the right tone in the class. We learnt to be a part of our Te Waka, which is to participate and contribute to Kahukura.

We also  learnt knew strategies at Discovery Time that helped us use our time wisely to complete our tasks . Afterwards we would write reflection about our struggles, challenges and new things we learnt to prove that we used are time wisely.


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  1. your writing is very good you keep on getting better and better i like how you broke them down into paragraphs also.
    very descriptive.