Thursday, 24 November 2016

Bean report

Bean report
 Will my bean grow   Introduction 
This term we have been bean scientists we have been learning the life cycle of a bean and how it grows here's an example  how i  think it grows   sunlight water and a snap lock bag  
I wondered if  the bean would not be able 
Step one kiri gave us a bean we named them myn was called Dora the explorer 
Step tow we got the snap lock bags and put our beans in it 
Step there we started observing are beans and producing what will happen 
Step four we study our beans and gaverd  data 
I think the pet cherry  dish worked the most the shoots had more fresh air  
 I thought it would not grow within a week but it didn't'  because there is no air and much growing spaces 

I learnt that you can plant a bean by a snap lock bag with a wet teaches 
kiri handed us a bean each to study o
 were that it was 7 cm and it took time to grow but then it passed away because I pellet the skin of and all dried and curled up 

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