Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Hide and seek

Hide and seek Run
I climbed to the top shelf I was shaking with fear.  
I heard big foot steps and the loud voice of my sister saying, “Ready or death here I come.”  I was frightened. She walked  past she  screamed ,haha found  you to my other sister. Everyone  was found but me and Sophie. The minutes felt like seconds. I was still hiding. My dad walked past shut the cupboard door. Oh no I'm stuck help! “Sophie you won.”  I'm stuck. “Oh well” They  sat down on the couch and watched The Bachelor. I screamed at the top of my lungs! My dad said “What's that noise?” he walked past and looked in the cupboard. There was I lying on the top layer I said “Couldn't you hear me?” “Sorry.”  I walked into the lounge I was in a rage “Why did you not come and find me?”
They said sorry we got bored and we continued watching The Bachelor.

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